Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Dreamliner

The trip from Houston to London was my first time aboard one of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

There's nothing quite like flying on a brand new plane.

The dreamliners got some bad press for catching on fire, but I have to say, the designers did a great job. The seats were so much more comfortable than the 747s and 777s.

The new digital entertainment system had on-demand movies and TV shows with much improved screens and USB charging ports and power outlets at every seat.

One of the coolest features of the dreamliner was that there were no window shades. Instead the windows have buttons that electronically adjust the tint from translucent to an opaque blue color. The blue theme is carried throughout with blue LEDs in the walkway and the restrooms.

The new public address system is also a huge improvement. Announcements from the pilot and crew are clear and understandable.

As an economy passenger, my meals were pretty bland, but the crew was very nice, and I ended up getting an entire row to myself.

I saw two other flights as we passed over Ireland but never saw the island through the clouds.

It was just after breakfast was served that I finally got my first glimpse of England through the clouds.

Upon entering the airport I was floored by HSBC ads plastered onto every available surface. Of course, those ads were tame to the big advertisement in my taxi.

Lost the perk-in your gherkin? Welcome to London.