Monday, May 13, 2013

Girly Stuff

Spending most of our weekends on the boat makes it easy to buy weekend clothes. When we go shopping we both have a huge weakness for anything with a nautical theme. Every spring stores bring out their anchor t-shirts and blue and white striped shirts.  

When I redid my bedroom before buying Gimme Shelter, I decided to go with a nautical theme. I started with these blue striped sheets from Ikea for around $150. 

I added these map pillows and some vintage sailboat paintings.
When we got the new boat, I moved both of these things down to the boat. When it comes to boat interiors, I like to keep things simple. Yes, nautical is good, but I have to admit the one thing I hate is seeing sailboat prints on a sailboat. I mean you already have a sailboat, do you really need pictures of more sailboats on your curtains? Some people may find it appropriate, but I think it looks so tacky. I try to stick to plain colors or simple stripes. Being in marketing, Fred also loves to put our logo on things. I'm really surprised custom Gimme Shelter coffee mugs have not appeared yet.  

I have an awful addiction to blue stripes. I have blue striped Sperry boat shoes, and a blue striped anchor jacket I got this spring from Tommy Hilfiger. Every year I buy a blue and white striped swimsuit for the summer that is a little more expensive than any other swimsuit I would usually buy. Last year I got a soft simple one from POLO for about $180. This year I did a little better with Sperry at around $150. I went with this suit, but they had a cute one piece as well. You can't see very well but there are some blue sequins on the blue stripes. I always go with tie straps as they look good on almost everyone.

Tommy has been my favorite place to get my nautical themed clothes lately, but there is always a good selection at Banana Republic and Polo as well. For men's clothes you can also find some nice stuff at Nautica, but they have a pretty poor selection for women. As far as getting cheaper throw-away pieces, I just always keep my eyes open.  

This is a purse I was very lucky to find at Ross for only $20. I have a smaller hand purse and a clutch that match exactly as well that I found at the Tommy outlet store earlier this year.

One last thing I absolutely can't go to the boat without is my sunglasses. I have a rule to never spend more than $20 on sunglasses. I just cannot be careful enough with them. But because of how little I spend I have so many pair I can find them wherever I go. It probably drives Fred crazy. However, when you wake up to the shining sun after a good night that might have included a few too many beers, the most important thing in the world to you is some good sunglasses. My favorite place to find sunglasses is in second hand stores, vintage stores, or thrift stores. You can find sunglasses that are a little different and fun sometimes. I have one specific shop that always has "designer" glasses I really like. I don't know know if they're real or not but they have proven to be very durable, and I love the way they look.

Ummm, yeah, so I buy a new shirt about once a year if I have too many holes in the old one ...