Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I'd love to do some product reviews on here, but the problem with being thrifty (read, "cheap ass") is that I only buy old stuff.

One of the first upgrades in store for Gimme Shelter is the installation of a Robertshaw Shipmate propane stove and oven I picked up at an estate sale last summer. I'd review it, but they haven't been made in over 20 years.  Now this is awesome. Fred has promised to make me bread at the beginning of every weekend. We still have to do some more measuring to ensure it fits in the boat, and I'm hoping and praying it does.  

Theoretically the first money spent on the boat was going to be for new sewage hoses. However, sometimes when a bargain pops up on craigslist, I just can't help myself.  Read: Fred has a serious addiction to Craigslist. It forces us to do things out of order, but we do end up saving money.  

Today I scored a Pelican kayak with paddle for $80. I have to admit this is a pretty good price. I looked at Kayaks forever and never saw a deal like this. I ended up buying one without a paddle, and the paddle alone cost me 30 at West Marine. 

No, it's not going to be a permanent dinghy solution, but you can't beat the price. Plus, it was blue, so it matches Gimme Shelter's stripes and canvas work.

I promise to consult with Mary before I make the next accessory purchase -- unless it's a REALLY good deal. If anyone has any suggestions on dealing with a man with an overactive ebay account, I'd love to hear them.